Free weights VS Machine Weights- Which is better?


If you want to boost your muscle mass, you can either opt for machine weights or free weights. But which ones are better for you? This is one of the issues that people have dealt with for many years, but now we are finally going to put an end to this one and for all.


Free Weights

The benefit of free weights is that they allow you to use a wide range of motions. You are not restricted to a particular motion and that works to your advantage. You will also see that you can train functional movements a lot better and faster, not to mention that there’s a much higher demand on the stabilizing muscles. As a whole, you get a better bang for your buck and that’s what matters the most.

Plus, you have endless variations. This helps you create hundreds of different workout routines that help you in any way you want. There’s also the fact that you are free to train anywhere you want without any restriction. Free weights are inexpensive too, which makes them a solid purchase.

On the downside, you will need some time and skill to use these properly. Also, there’s a higher risk of injury with these, just because you have free liberty and you can easily injure yourself if you don’t use them properly.


Machine Weights

These weight machines are known to deliver a magnificent value. They allow you to isolate the muscle groups more efficiently. Simply put, if you want to train a specific muscle group, you will be able to do that without that many restrictions.

Then there’s also the fact that you can train with heavier weights without any assistance. That does not happen with free weights, where you do need assistance from someone else. These work great for people that are older or who want to do a complete rehab. It’s a nice choice, one that delivers incredible value for your time! Plus, using these is very easy, and you don’t need special skills or techniques to do so.

However, these aren’t very functional. You are locked in place, and these workouts will neglect all your stabilizing muscles. This does not work to your advantage, and it’s not something you want to have in the end. They can also cause injuries, especially if you use too many weights without the proper controls. Of course, there’s also the fact that you will find these in a gym. Many times, you will have to wait until you work out with these machines, as they are in high demand.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to you to pick the right ones. With the right approach, nothing is impossible. Take your time, study all opportunities, and the experience can be very well worth it. Of course, don’t rush. Make sure that you address the machine weights with a great focus on results and the experience can be very rewarding! Here is also the good part, we have actually reviewed the top 3 legal steroids in 2017 and based on research we have picked Crazy Bulk to be the leading legal steroid in the market. You can click here and checkout our Crazy Bulk Review for more details. 

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