5 Hybrid Tips For Faster Rock Hard Abs

We all want to get a lot of work done in less time when it comes to building rock hard abs, but how can we achieve this type of goals? It’s important to create a good plan and stick to it if you want to reach success. Granted, you will have to deal with a few challenges along the way, but you can expect the results to be rather impressive in the end.

A thing to note is that these workouts are focused on efficiency. The first one is focused on the midsection, and it has lower reps. The next one is focused on the upper RA, and it will build the six-pack. Then you have the third one, which works on the lower RA, the fourth one which focuses solely on creating a bodyweight rep circuit. Lastly, you have a workout that allows the beginner trainees to get back in shape fast and easy.


First Workout

This particular workout is focused on using lower reps and heavy loads designed to build up thickness. The idea here is to perform a barbell ab roll-out, then you opt for the Hanging leg raise, oblique crunch, cable crunch, plate twist, and plank. The combination is rather simple, but it works very well.


Second Workout

At this particular time, you have to focus on the rectus abdominis. The exercises you should do are the ab-crunch machine, decline crunch, crunch, Pallof Press and the rope crunch as well as the exercise ball crunch should be yours to focus on at the end. Make sure that you focus on value and quality here, because that’s what matters the most for you so that efficiency will be the key at all times.


Third Workout

You have to do exercises for the lower abs. These include the hanging leg raise, a decline reverse crunch, standing cable wood chop as well as a straight legged hip raise. These will allow you to stay healthy and fit, all while getting you one step closer to the rock hard abs.


Fourth Workout

With this workout, you want to do a bodyweight circuit focused on definition and endurance. Since this is circuit based, you will have to deal with an increase in the metabolic stress. As for the workouts you have to do, these have to be straightforward and what you want to focus on includes the jackknife sit-up, bent-knee hip raise, Oblique crunch as well as toe-toucher, reverse crunch, side jackknife, frog sit-up as well as a wide array of other workouts. These are designed to help you stay healthy and fit. That’s what you want to have in the end.


Final Workout

The beginner basics workout has to be rather simple. You need to use a density focused superset that includes a tuck crunch and scissor kick; then you have to do a cross-body crunch and a reverse crunch. You then opt for a standing vacuum, and the workout is complete.

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