When Is The Best Time To Actually Do Cardio?

Everyone says that you should do cardio. You hear it on the radio, at home and just about every person you know which is interested in working out wants to focus on cardio. But when should you do cardio? Yes, timing is indeed essential and it can do wonders if you schedule it properly. The idea here is that some people do cardio at 4 AM, others do it later in the day.

At its core, cardio is a part of the training routine and it works great for just about any one of us. On the other hand, we can use it to boost the endurance levels, reach success and it just makes the experience a lot more rewarding in the end.

Even if you may think that there is a special time when you can do cardio, that’s not exactly the case. You can do cardio at any given time, you just have to be prepared for it. Yes, some people are ok with doing it in the morning, others not so much. The idea here is that you will have to listen to your body. This way you will know when you are ready to prepare yourself for the workouts.

The best time you can do cardio is when your body feels it’s ready. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind in this situation. For example, you should never do cardio on an empty stomach. You need to have the necessary energy while running or performing any type of cardio task, something that regular exercising might not be able to offer you the boost you need.

A thing to keep in mind here is that cardio in the morning is excellent, but you should eat something before you start burning calories. It will cause you to lose muscle instead of fat, and that’s something you may want to avoid.

Also, you shouldn’t do cardio before lifting weights. Again, this may seem like a good idea at first, but it’s certainly not one that you should put in action. This will remove energy from your muscles and your efficiency will be lower during workouts. As a result, you will not end up having the same great results. and that’s obviously a thing that you certainly want to avoid in this situation.

Moreover, protein synthesis tends to be lower during the cardio sessions, which is why you need to make sure that you avoid any type of preparation or physical exercising. Cardio is included.

In the end, you can do cardio right after weights. Or you can do it in those days when you are not working out. This way you get to keep your body in shape, you will still feel great and there will be no particular problem to begin with. So, do that and you will not be disappointed in the end. Cardio is the best exercise that you should keep in mind, but try to schedule it properly based on how and when you work out if you want amazing results!

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