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You may have stopped by this page looking for D-Bal or simply wonder what it really is. Perhaps you are wondering if it is right for you, where to buy it, or just looking for an ethical review from someone who has experienced it first hand.

Rest assured, you have landed at the right page. In this article we will discuss all the points I just mentioned above along side with my personal 4 week review while taking the supplement. Basically I will give a full inside scoop on (these will be in order in the article):

  1. What is D-Bal? Any Side Effects?
  2. Real & Honest review on D-Bal (Including my own 6 week experience).
  3. Results
  4. How to Get the Most Results While Supplementing with D-Bal
  5. Best Place to Buy it

Without further adieu, let’s dig in…


What is D-Bal? Is There Any Side Effects?d-bal

D-Bal is a Safe and Natural alternative to the illegal anabolic steroid called “Dianabol” AKA (D-Boll). Due to
that nature is it actually clarified as a “Legal Steroid”. It is made as a bulking supplement to help you gain the muscle mass that you always have wanted in less time than the traditional supplements.

It is designed to mimic the effects of the illegal steroid Dianabol WITHOUT the Nasty Side Effects that actually come when taking Dianabol, Which are; man boobs, increased heart rate, artery blockage (which could lead to stroke and most cases death), and shrinkage in testicals (which will reduce sperm count).

Now like I told you above I took the liberty of documenting my own 6-week experience to test the efficacy of this product. So here are my results:


D-Bal Reviews- My 4-Week Results

I just want to introduce myself to you first, my name is John G.

For this cycle I used a promotion for Buy 2 Get 1 Free, so I had 3 bottles total.

Now before I talk to you about my full 4-week results, I would like to point few things about my diet and exercise regime:

  • I was following a decent diet (I only cheated twice a week).
  • I was hitting the gym 4-5 times a week.
  • I got at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Now these 3 things are primary to getting results when you are trying to gain muscle. If you give your body the right nutrients, train at least decent, and you give you body time to recover; you will see significant changes within the 1st week!

Ok so let’s cut the chitchat here and go straight to it:


My 4-Week D-Bal Review Below:

Week 1: Nothing too noticeable for the first 3-4 days, but after that I noticed that my muscles started to look fuller which I noticed that they were more swole than usual.

Week 2: I have noticed that my strength started to climb, I was able add 10 more pounds to my bench press. My intensity started going up and and my pumps were lasting longer and gradually increasing over time.

Week 3: I weighed in myself. It turned out that I have stacked on about 1.5 lbs of lean muscle. Last time I got that, it took me 3 months! I checked my BF%, it remained the same at 12.5%. So I knew it was pure muscle. Also, my muscles looked harder and meaner after all. Not to forget to mention, that my strength shot up further than the prior week!

Week 4: This was my best week overall. I stacked on an additional 0.8 pounds of muscle. I saw my veins cleared than ever before, I was also getting bulkier and beefier looking! From my traps, shoulders, chest, arms, abs, and legs…. My overall energy was through the roof and my strength was amazing. I was able to lift more with all my body muscles and go for higher reps (which is necessary for total muscle gain). It is important to mention, a combination of heavy weight and higher reps are equally important. Most who want to bulk are stuck in the 6-8 rep range and then find out why they plateau.

You’ll want to do a good portion of 8-10 reps and mix that up with 12-15 reps sometimes even 20 ! I guarantee you’ll see better muscle gains and a fuller physique.

Note: I kept going and I finished my stack (3 bottles). Which took me about 3 months to go through. Now keep in mind, I kept my diet and my exercise regime the same for these 3 months. After I was done with this cycle, I gained a total of 15 pounds of Lean Muscle!! I was not expecting to get that all… It was great to know that I did this all naturally and I won’t be getting any side effects from it. Also what I loved about D-Bal, is that it’s one of the most powerful products out there to gain muscle mass quickly ! Not to mention the strength gains that you get from it.




D-Bal Results

  • Rapid Muscle growth.
  • Increase in overall strength.
  • Improved stamina.
  • Increased energy and focus.
  • Increase and improved pump.

Keep in mind that it is 100% safe- no needles, no prescription, or trouble with the law.


How to Triple Your Results While Taking D-Bal? 

A Must Read for Bigger Gains

As you know by now, D-Bal is a bulking supplement. Which means I will help you put on muscle mass, Fast.

Now, how would you feel if you were able to triple those results and gain even more muscle?

This is when the “Bulking Stack” comes into play. It is basically a mix of additional Legal Steroids supplements that are designed to help you put on more mass, increase your strength and help you achieve the rock hard muscles fast and more efficient.

This is what the Bulking Stack includes:

  1. D-Bal (Alternative to Diabanbol).
  2. Decaduro (Alternative to Deca Durabolin).
  3. Trenorol (Alternative to Trenbolon).
  4. Testo-max (Natural Testosterone Booster).

These Supplements combined together, give you the most powerful bulking stack on the market! Expect GAINS.



You Save 20% When Buying a Stack


D-Bal & Bulking Stack Testimonials  

Check out these incredible Before “n” After pictures from Real users, yourself:




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Stay Healthy and SWOLE,


John Gramilto

Publish Date: February 13th, 2017

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