Probolan 50 Review – The Real Deal?

Probolan 50 is a new bodybuilding supplement that made its way up in the industry due to it’s ability to stand behind what it preaches and deliver results without a doubt.

At least that is what the company says as well as thousands of happy customers.

They promise that Probalon 50 will replace all the stacks that you currently take or used to need with only one simple supplement. Now that may sound a little far-fetched but other customers have claimed powerful results with just taking the one product.

But does it really live up to it hype?

Company says that by taking Probalon 50, that you will be able to take your game to the next level. You will be able to Maximize your Muscle Gains and become stronger when supplementing this powerful supplement.

The ingredients have been shown to increase total and free testosterone within the first 48 hours. As you probably already know, testosterone is essential to muscle growth and strength, as well as fat loss while preserving muscle tissue. Another added benefit, is that testosterone improves sexual drive and performance.

What does that mean?

You will also start noticing new muscle growth, start to feel stronger and get even more motivated to hit the gym harder! It will also help you in taking away the fat cells and turning them into Pure Rock Hard Solid Muscle.

When You 3 Bottles You Get 3 Bottles FREE- Saving Total = $247


Hoes Does Probolan 50 Work?

These are the 3 major ways this supplement works:

First, It works by the process of creating chemical relations with the hormone system and the body.

Second, it helps by providing a natural & safe boost to stamina and energy that are a necessity when actively trying to increase your endurance, muscular physique, strength, and stamina.

Third, it blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This results in helping your body to retain more muscle after each stimulating the muscles during a workout. This plays a major role in helping you achieve the perfect physique.


Probolan 50 Ingredients

Ingredients play an important role in making an effective supplement. I will be providing you the list of the ingredients that this supplement has along side with a brief overview about them.

Main Ingredients:

Epihydroxetiolan-17-ester matrix 700

Tribulus terrestris (60% saponin)

Caffeine / Caffeine anhydrous

These ingredients are completely Safe, Powerful, and Natural. They work in conjunction with each other to give you the best possible results. They help your body free up the trapped testosterone and produce more to help you gain more muscle in a complete all-natural way.

This dynamite matrix is what drives the 400% increase in testosterone levels in your body, resulting in a stronger, ripped, and a wonderful looking physique.


My Personal 8 Week Results Using Probolan 50

Please note: I was following a steady training and eating routine. Nothing too crazy, but I go to the gym about 3-4 times a week and do my best to eat clean with the exception of my cheat days, which is once a week.

So let’s dig in my Probolan 50 Results:

Week 1: Nothing too crazy, but I felt a little stronger and my muscles started to look fuller.

Week 2: I noticed a spike in my energy, and strength during my workouts. Noticed that my workout intensity and ability to not fatigue being increased by 25%. Also noticed a longer and harder looking pump after my workouts.

Week3: I was able to simply lift more and fatigue less than ever before. I was also getting more restful and deeper sleep. Muscles looked fuller and I was getting a greater pump during and after my workouts.

Week4: I weighed in myself. My weight when I started was 185 and it went up to 189! That’s 4 lbs in just 3 weeks!! I was completely ecstatic! I simply did not expect to see this much happen in just 3 weeks. My initial thought was that I was going to get about 4 lbs from the entire 8 week cycle, but no… I got it in 3 weeks. So this was comforting to know, specially moving forward with this supplement.

Week 5: My bench went from 245 lbs to 260 lbs for 9 reps. A whopping 15 lbs! I was resting less in between sets and training harder. My energy at this point has skyrocketed !

Week6: I was simply stronger, more muscular, and leaner. This is the point where I knew this product sets it apart from others. Family, friends, co-workers started complimenting me and wanted to know what I was taking to have gotten results this fast. Not that I cared about opinions or compliments from others, but it felt pretty darn nice J.

Week 7: At this point the mirror has become my best friend. Overall my muscles were bigger, fuller, arms, chest, shoulders, legs and my back were swole and looked harder and more defined than ever.

Week 8: My last weigh in, felt like the moment of truth here. I ended my cycle here. I weighed 197, which totals for 12 lbs of pure muscle in just 8 weeks!! Yes, amazed and ecstatic, that’s who I was. Also I went from a 34-inch waist size to 32 for all my pants.

The last time I really got gains this much was the first year of working out and then after it went slow, but consistent. What I mostly love about this supplement, that it actually works! And there are no side effects.


Would I Buy Pobolan 50 Again?

To be totally honest wit you, I do see myself doing another cycle after what I just saw from this one. I even started recommending this to my gym friends; the ones that took it saw significant gains too. So it’s no doubt this product will work for anyone. I will recommend this product to anyone who is trying to lean out, get ripped and gain more muscle for at least a cycle, either it being the 10 week cycle stack or the single bottle. If you get your hands on the 16-week cycle stack, more power to you!


Why Buy Probolan 50 Over Other Test Boosters?

Simply because it WORKS! Don’t get me wrong, but there are a lot of other test boosters in the market that are worth giving a shot too. I would hate to sound biased to you and make you feel that I favor one product over another. However, after seeing the results of my 8-week cycle that I did, I am rooting for Probolan 50 on this one.

I’ve seen many of my gym friends try this product and they were getting similar if not greater results than what I was getting. So I stand behind what I just said above, this stuff WORKS without a doubt and I am a firm believer in that. I also found these points appealing to me while I was debating on whether or not to get this supplement:

  1. Natural
  2. No Side Effects
  3. Quality Product
  4. Popular product with a great reputation amongst bodybuilders world-wide.
  5. Excellent Customer Service
  6. Affordable prices for the average Joe
  7. 90- Day Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked


What Are Your Option When Buying Probolan 50?

Probolan 50 currently has 3 packages:

The Titanium Package (Buy 3 & Get 3 Free)

Which lasts for 16 weeks. This would be a safe bet if you plan on taking your muscle gains to the next level. At it’s price, you can’t beat it. It is also the most popular and you get the most value with this package.

The Extreme Effects Package (Buy 2 & Get 1 Free)

This lasts for 10 weeks. Nothing different from the 1st package, but only less bottles.

The Start Package (1 Bottle)

This will last you for 5 weeks. However, my recommendation if you can spend few more bucks, then take advantage of the Extreme Package or the Titanium package promotion. You get free bottles, with this one you don’t.

Here Are Some Verified Customers Testimonials


Don’t forget the company has so much faith in their product that you’ll be happy with it, that it offers a generous 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

So if you don’t like the product, not a problem. Contact support and return it within 90 days of your purchase. No Risk on Your Part.

Don’t Waste Your Hard Earned Money on Another Test Booster That Doesn’t deliver The Promised Results

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