VigRx Plus- Does it Really Work? – My Personal Results

I am about you give a complete review about Vigrx Plus. Personally I have tested about 20 different types of male pills, while some work better than others, this one gave me an upper advantage and here’s why:

Please be AWARE some of the products are completely Bull*hit out there, while others can get you only mediocre “results” and some will put you in the poor house just to be another rip off scam!

I’m going to be honest with you here, when I first actually heard about VigRx Plus I was more skeptical about it than any other products that I have tried. Mainly because of my previous failed results of the other “male enhancement” pills out there, in which it diminished my trust in any pills on the market due to the fact that I got burnt by most of them.

Quite honesty, the only reason that drove me to buy VigRx Plus is from the overwhelming popularity and positive reviews by customers who have ACTUALLY bought the product.

I said to myself, “What The Heck!” I’ll buy a bottle and see how it plays out. Read further to check out my results.

After the results that I have just experienced with VigRx Plus, I have decided to write a full review for guys just like you and me who are looking simply for the right product and sick and tired of all the ineffective male enhancement pills out there.

This product is for anyone who wants the upper edge and to improve their bedroom game.


Now, let’s dive into this and talk about the product a bit…

My VigRx Plus Results

Please be advised that my results are not a reflection to the results you will experience. I only provided you my results, so you can
make an educated decision on the type of results this supplement help you achieve.

Now one thing you need to know about this supplement, that it is intended for long term purposes (which I loved about it the most).


Now let’s dive in the results:

So I just followed the label, I took 2 pills of this stuff daily. It took me about 1-2 days to actually start experiencing results. One I actually hit the 3rd day mark, my results went full commando.

I was rock hard, my stamina went through the roof, I had an increased desire for sex, and surprisingly enough I was able to keep it up for about 5-6 hours! I also noticed about 0.5 increase in my penis length after only one month of taking it, I was really expecting that… But hey what the heck, why not. 

I gotta admit, despite the fact I skeptical and procrastinated about ordering it- I actually started seeing results with it! My erections were stronger than ever, and my sexual desire skyrocketed… I loved it!! I have not had such erections ever since I hit 35.

What is VigRX Plus?

VigRx Plus is a powerful male enhancement product. It is made with 100% Natural & Safe ingredients that are designed to help youvigrx_plus_icon_002_wt_275x200increase your sexual stamina and vigor, as well as enhance your sexual desire.

It was actually endorsed by a doctor ( Dr.Lam) and proven to work from a clinical study that was conducted in 2010 by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

VigRx Plus has been on the market since 2001, it stands the test of time and currently has helped over 500 thousand men alike experience powerful results and better sexual performance.

VigRx Plus Ingredients

VigRx Plus is formulated from only the best ingredients. They are 100% natural and proven over time to help you achieve the results you desire in the bedroom. These ingredients are simply an exception to “Great”, they are the Purest and The Best!

Here is the full gang of ingredients:

Asian Red Ginseng


Hawthorn Berry

Damiana Extract

Catuaba Bark Extract

Ginkgo Biloba

Muira Puama

Saw Palmetto Berry


What Type of Results to Expect With VigRx Plus?

As I have stated the results above briefly, but here I will list each and every one of them. The moment you take your first pill of VigRx Plus, you will realize that this product is simply an exception to all the junk male enhancement products on the market. When it comes to results, it delivers what it preaches.

VigRx Plus Results:

  • Increase in your ability to get and maintain long lasting erections during penetration.
  • Increase in the quality of your organisms.
  • Increase in your sex drive and sexual desire.
  • Increase in your stamina and your overall sex satisfaction.
  • Increase in libido


Why Choose VigRx Plus Over Other?

Majority of the male enhancement products out make similar claims but not all use the same quality ingredients that Vig Rx Plus uses.

Here is the thing; VigRx Plus is made with higher potency ingredients (Pure) than others like it on the market. It also has been scientifically tested and proven to work; to me this alone gives this product credibility.


Below is a list of things that actually have shifted my view on it from the rest of the pills out there:

Clinically Tested & Proven To Work- This one is rare to find with other products on the market. It was clinically tested and studied by a leading research lab.

Doctor Endorsed & Recommended- This product was endorsed a numerous number of times by leading physicians, along side with Dr. Steven Lamm, who was featured on ABC’s “The View” and the author of “The Hardness Factor”.

Real User Testimonials- They currently have voluntarily handwritten testimonials from real users who have experienced the positive effects of VigRx Plus.

Guaranteed to Work- I am not only saying this, based upon what other people are saying but I have personally tried them myself. Personally, it has helped me achieve the results that all other male enhancement pills that I have tried “Failed to Do”, with the exception of a few others (Extenze Plus)- Read My Extenze Plus Review Here 


What Do You Have to Lose?

Not much. The company offers a 67 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee- Simply if you are not satisfied with your order, return the empty bottle for your money back., no questions asked!

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

I can only speak for my own experience and what I’ve seen from other testimonials online. For me it took me about 4 days to start seeing noticeable results in my sexual drive and stamina. I would say give or take about 1 week on average to start experiencing results (Be advised in some cases it may take longer).

The most important thing you need to realize that this is not a magic pill, and if you are looking for one (You will never find one, because it doesn’t exist). If you ever heard of a pill claim itself or sound as the next miracle pill “RUN AWAY FAST”, because it’s fake and they are just trying to sell you.

If you have a doubt about it, please DON’T take my word for it.

VigRx Plus was medically tested and proven to work. Please READ the study for full details.

(Click Here To Read The Full Study)

I’m sure you’ll be satisfied but if you are not, don’t forget that the company offers a generous 67-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk on your part.


Here are a few verified customer reviews who have purchased this product:

I took these straight from VigRx Plus Official Website.

vigrx-plus-testimonial-3 vigrx-plus-testimonial-2 vigrx-plus-testimonial-1

VigRx Coupon Code

You don’t have to pay full price for it, I did the liberty of digging thought for a 10% Coupon Code you can use right away.

Simply at the checkout page all you need to do is to enter “VPLUS10”.

What Are You Waiting For? Improve Your Bedroom Game NOW!

Give VIGRX PLUS a Shot


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